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Mr Ehrlichman was released from jail in 1978

Mr Ehrlichman was released from jail in 1978

John D Ehrlichman, one of President Nixon's advisers who was jailed for his part in the infamous Watergate scandal, has died.

Mr Ehrlichman, aged 73, died at his home of natural causes, according to his son.

Along with HR Haldeman, John D Ehrlichman was one of Nixon's two top advisers. 

Richard Nixon: Resigned after Watergate

Richard Nixon: Resigned after Watergate

He resigned from his post in April 1973 in the midst of the Watergate scandal - the attempted cover-up of the burglary of the Democratic National Committee Offices in the Watergate complex in Washington.

He was convicted two years later for obstruction of justice, conspiracy and perjury.

John Ehrlichman was born in 1925, in Tacoma, Washington, and graduated in law.

He was a partner in a Seattle law firm before joining the White House 1968.

After his release from prison in 1978, he began a new career as a writer, publishing four novels as well as a memoir about his years in the Nixon administration.

In 1974, Richard Nixon became the first US president to resign from office after the Senate moved to impeach him over the attempt to conceal the Watergate break-in. 

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