Dutch Jews Threatened by Nazis As Himmler Assumes Control in Holland

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Stockholm, May. 20 (JTA) – Following the report that Heinrich Himmler, head of the Gestapo, has been appointed supreme chief of police in Nazi-occupied Holland, the Nazi-controlled Hilversum radio station last night announced that "the Jewish question in Holland demands an immediate solution."

Dutch Jews Threatened by Nazis As Himmler Assumes Control in Holland

The announcement did not indicate how this "immediate solution" will be carried out. It stated, however, that the time has come to put an end to "the agitation of Holland's tens of thousands of Jews who are attempting to form a front of Dutchmen against their National Socialist compatriots."

"The Dutch population has little understanding of the Jewish problem," the Nazi announcer admitted. "But the fact that many Dutchmen do not wish to see it solved does not mean that the problem does not exist. The Jewish minority in Holland still exercises considerable influence, and its weight must be reduced to the same level as in Germany," the broadcaster stated.

The Nazi-controlled Dutch newspaper, National Dagblad, which reached here today reports that Dutch Jews are now permitted to buy food only between five and six P.M., just before the hour at which most shops close, and consequently have little food left. The Dutch paper also disclosed a roundabout method being used by the Nazi officials to close down Jewish-owned food shops. The German-controlled burgomaster of Hilversum has ordered wholesalers to stop selling meat to Jewish butchers and it is expected that this order will soon be applied to other food shops.

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