Edith Storey

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Los Angeles Timespublished 10/10/1967 at 15:14 PM by Paul Hubert Conlon and Gracy Kingsloy

Actress - Born March 18, 1892 in New York, NY - Died Oct. 9, 1967 in Northport, NY

Edith StoreyEdith Storey was a silent film actress who was an unusual combination of an intelligent actress and an outdoor athlete.

Motion pictures remember her chiefly for her long association with the Vitagraph Company, where her first big successes, such as "The Tarantula," were made. Her breaking of relations with the company was made by "mutual consent of the party."

When Storey finished "The Captain of the Gray Horse Troop" she moved to New York and soon the news filtered back that she had been annexed to the Metro galaxy of stars.

Among other films Storey has appeared in include, "The Legion of Death," "The Island of Regeneration," and "A Man's Sacrifice."

— Paul Hubert Conlon and Gracy Kingsloy in the Los Angeles Times Nov. 4, 1917 and Feb. 25, 1917, with additional material

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