Effort to Kidnap Former Nazi Officer Confirmed by Public Prosecutor

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Cologne, Mar. 24 (JTA) – The public prosecutor has confirmed that an attempt had been made Monday to kidnap a former Nazi officer, Dr. Kurt Paul Werner Lischka, 61, who had been in charge of the Jewish department of the Reich security office in 1942-43, and also at the Paris headquarters of the Gestapo towards the end of the war. In 1950, Lischkha was sentenced to life imprisonment by a Paris court in absentia.

The prosecutor declined to comment on a claim by Mrs. Beate Klarsfeld that she and some helpers had tried to capture Lischka and would try again. In 1968 Mrs. Klarsfeld attacked the then Chancellor Dr. Kurt Klesinger at a public meeting and slapped his face.

Dr. Kurt Paul Werner Lischka

Dr. Kurt Paul Werner Lischka

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