Eichmann Interrogated

Publié le par Jochen Von Lang et Claus Sybyil

As head of the Gestapo's "Jewish Evacuation Department," Lieutenant Colonel Adolf Eichmann (1906-1962) was the driving force in the impoverishment, deportation, and extermination of millions of Jews. In 1945 he escaped with a Vatican passport and fled to South America. In May 1960 the Israelis located and kidnapped Eichmann from Argentina, and brought him to trial in Israel, where he was convicted and hanged, his remains cremated and scattered. For nearly a year prior to his trial Eichmann was interrogated by Captain Avner W. Less, a German Jew whose father and numerous relatives perished in Nazi concentration camps.

Eichmann Interrogated is a superbly edited condensation of their 275-hour exchange, representing ten percent of the 3,564-page total. Amid his lies, distortions, evasions, half-truths, and startling admissions, Eichmann fully acknowledges the reality of the Holocaust while attempting to minimize his central role in its execution. As his life from traveling salesman to mass murderer unfolds, Eichmann's defense becomes a chilling self-indictment and a warning of Evil's often unassuming visage.

Eichmann Interrogated
Eichmann Interrogated

Eichmann Interrogated

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  • Title : Eichmann Interrogated
  • ISBN : 0306809168
  • ISBN-13 : 9780306809163
  • Author : Jochen Von Lang et Claus Sybyil
  • PUB. DATE : May 1999
  • PUBLISHER : Da Capo Press

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