Goebbels Says Jews Responsible for Russian Resistance; Must Be Annihilated

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Berne, Jul. 19 (JTA) – The complete annihilation of Jews "in order to save Germany" is demanded today by Joseph Goebbels, in an article published in Das Reich, official organ of the Ministry of Propaganda.

Joseph Goebbels

Joseph Goebbels

Attributing the Nazi difficulties on the Russian front to the Jews, the Nazi propaganda minister says that the Russians themselves have no "national intelligence" to fight for their country, but it is the Jews who inspire them to offer fierce resistance to the German armies. "The danger for Germany lies in the fact that the Russians are ruled by international Jewry, and that is why the Jews must be annihilated," he writes.

"When this Jewry is eliminated," Goebbels continues, "there will be no more danger for us. They menace Western culture. It is a colossal fight. A fight for life and death. We must destroy them if we don't want to be destroyed by them. Everything is at stake for us. We can hardly imagine what Germany would face were these inferior Russians, led by international Jewry, to be victorious."

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