May Call Chancellor As Witness in West German war crimes trial

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JournalJewish Telegraphic Agency published 07/03/1968

Frankfurt, Mar. 6 (JTA) – May Call Chancellor As Witness in West German War Crimes Trial of Ex-envoy. The court of assizes here is reported to be considering whether to call West German Chancellor Kurt George Kiesinger as a defense witness in the trial of Adolf Beckerle, the German Minister in Sofia, Bulgaria, during World War II, who is being tried as an accessory to the murder of more than 11,000 Jews.

Beckerle Adolf HeinzThe victims were deported from Bulgaria to the Treblinka death camp in Poland in 1943. It is the contention of Beckerle, whose trial opened last November, that when he participated in the deportations, he was unaware of the fate that awaited the Jews.

Dr. Kiesinger, who was deputy leader of the radio department of the Nazi Foreign Ministry in charge of propaganda and counter-propaganda, is believed to be the only witness who can bear out the defendant's claim that the Sofia legation was not on the mailing list for Foreign Ministry documents.

Those documents kept Nazi diplomatic missions abroad informed of the policy to annihilate the Jews. Kiesinger's testimony has been demanded by Beckerle's defense counsel. But the court is yet to act on his demand.

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