Mussolini's Spies: Italian Military Espionage, 1940-1943

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Mussolini's SpiesBased on recently available archives this is the first in-depth scholarly study of Italian military espionage during World War II. Italy's ultimate demise in the course of the war becomes clear in reading this book that is filled with previously unknown data and shows how Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini managed and mismanaged Italy's war machine.

In spite of the erratic directives that were periodically handed down from the top, Italian military intelligence was able to produce valuable information that was not taken into account or misinterpreted by those in charge. The espionage and counterespionage sections that had been so effective during the pre-war period suddenly fell back in the contest with Italy's enemies.

How did this happen and what were the decisions that led to fascist Italy's defeat are the questions answered in this work that fills a gap in the history of the Second World War and its vital military intelligence component.

ISBN-13 : 9781936274482
Publisher : Enigma Books
Publication date : 09/10/2013
Author : Giuseppe Conti

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