Nazi Cabinet Meets Today to Discuss New Anti-jewish Laws

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Berlin, Oct. 16 (JTA) – Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, Minister of Economics, arrived here today from London to take part in a cabinet meeting tomorrow at which the question of restricting Jews in Germany's economic life will be discussed.

Nazi Cabinet Meets Today to Discuss New Anti-jewish Laws

It is understood that Dr. Schacht, who has long vigorously opposed interference with the Jewish economic position, because of the adverse effect it would have on the general situation, intends to challenge the faction headed by Minister of the Int-

Wilhelm Frick, who favors complete exclusion of Jews from business and industry.

At the Ministry of Economics, however, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency was informed that Dr.
Schacht's efforts to prevent further actions against the Jews are not expected to succeed since the Frick faction is strongly insistent on putting the proposed restrictions into effect.

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency learned from a reliable source today that one of the first of the economic laws will be to forbid Jews to purchase realty. Orders to that effect have already been issued by numerous municipalities throughout the Reich. It is believed to be the cabinet's intention to legalize those orders, thus preventing "individual anti-Jewish actions."

Another law that will probably be promulgated by the cabinet will compel Jewish-owned firms and shops to display signs stating their Jewish ownership.

The decisions made by the cabinet on these matters tomorrow are not expected to be published for some time. The same meeting will also consider details with respect to implementing the Nuremberg "ghetto laws" passed by the Reichstag Sept. 15.

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