Nazi Leaders Assail Jews in Statements on Gustloff

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Berlin, Feb. 10 (JTA) – Victor Lutze, chief of the Nazi storm troops, charged today that "Jewish Marxists have murdered hundreds of storm troopers in Germany."

Nazi Leaders Assail Jews in Statements on Gustloff

In a statement issued in connection with memorial services for Wilhelm Gustloff, slain Nazi leader, Lutze asserted, "Now that peace and order prevail in Germany, the Jews have chosen foreign countries as a place for murdering Nazis."

Gustloff's body, brought here today by a special train, will lie in state until the burial at Schwerin Mecklenburg Wednesday.

While the train bore Gustloff's body to Germany, Jewish populations in several cities where the train made stops, were warned to keep off the streets. They were also instructed to make them-selves inconspicuous during the funeral.

The assassination of Gustloff by David Frankfurter, a Yugoslavian Jew, was made the springboard for tirades against the German Jews at a memorial meeting sponsored by the Foreign Department of the Nazi Party.

Bernhard Ruberg, Nazi chief of staff, assailed Frankfurter as a "Jewish coward." He declared that "the only part of the fight of the Jews against the Nazis is against the Germans living abroad."

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