New Book by Hitler Published in Germany

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New Book by Hitler Published in Germany

Munich, Jul. 24 (JTA) – New Book by Hitler Published in Germany; Was Kept in Washington Archives. Plans for publication of a second book by Hitler, written in 1928, which called for conquest of the World by Germany in cooperation with Britain, sparked a widespread controversy in West Germany today.

New Book by Hitler Published in Germany

The work will be published for the first time in Munich tomorrow by the semi-official Institute of Modern History as "Hitler's Second Book." Hitler dictated the 300-page volume to a World War I comrade, Max Amann, three years after Mein Kampf was published.

In it, Hitler outlined his hopes to bring Britain into his plans for world domination. Fearing Britain's naval power, he wanted an alliance between the two nations, expecting Italy to join later. Once this was achieved, Hitler planned to make the rest of the world a giant German colony.

He had the typescript classified "top secret" and carefully hidden. After the war, it was found by United States officials and remained until recently in State Department archives in Washington. Criticism of the publication in West Germany is based on fears that the book's "reasonableness" might make it dangerously attractive to modern West Germans and cause a new revival of Nazi ideas.

Books by two other Nazi leaders, Propaganda Minister Josef Goebbels and Hitler deputy Martin Bormann, have already appeared in West Germany this year.

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