World Jewish Congress Compiles List of 1,500 Nazi War Criminals

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World Jewish Congress Compiles List of 1,500 Nazi War Criminals

New Tork, Mar. 22 (JTA) – The World Jewish Congress here has prepared a list of about 1,500 Nazi war criminals and collaborators to assist the prosecution during the forthcoming trial of Adolf Eichmann in Israel, it was announced today. The list names, among others, twelve members of Eichmann's Commando unit, many of whom are still alive, and a number of his principal aides.

World Jewish Congress Compiles List of 1,500 Nazi War Criminals

Samuel Bronfman, chairman of the North American Division of the World Jewish Congress, explained that the Eichmann trial would certainly produce references to other Nazis who have been tried, or are being sought, as well as to persons who were indirectly responsible for the mass murder of 6,000,000 Jews. The World Jewish Congress' document, "Preliminary List of Persons Accused or Suspected of Crimes Against Humanity," could well serve as a reference book at the trial, Mr. Bronfman noted.

Dr. Nehemiah Robinson, director of the WJC Institute of Jewish Affairs, who prepared the list, said that it consisted of a number of categories: Nazis and Fascists tried and sentenced; Nazis and Fascists dead or executed; war criminals still at large or under investigation; those who committed suicide or disappeared, as well as high-ranking members of the German armed forces and diplomatic corps who served during the Hitler Regine.

Dr. Robinson explained that the list contained the names of some persons whose crimes were not established but who, because of their prominent position, were likely at least to have had some knowledge of the Nazi acts. The list was termed "preliminary" because it will be expanded for publication at a later date. Included in the list are some persons now living in the United States.

The men who served in Eichmann's Commando are named as: Ferdinand Daurasch; Ernst Girzick; Otto Heischmann; Viktor Nagler; Otto Schwaner; Oskar Scnger; Alfred Slavik Franz Stuschka; Franz Toyfel; Josef Umschau; Josef Weizel; and Anton Winmwarter.

Other Eichmann aides named are! SS officer Hartenberger; SS Col. Helm, Eichman's aide in Croatia; Dr. Otto Hunsche, an aide in Hungary now awaiting trial in Germany; Hermann Krumey, who helped Eichmann deport Hungarian, Austrian and Polish Jews, now under arrest in Germany; Eichmann transportation chief, Kurt Franz Novak, recently arrested in Austria; Rolf GuentherEichmann's deputy in Prague, and his brother, Hans Guenther, head of the Jewish emigration office in Prague, both of whom are under arrest.

The World Jewish Congress document lists the following alleged Nazis and Nazi collaborators now reported living in Argentina: Dido Kvaternik, formerly Crotian; Josef Mengele, who selected persons for execution in Bergen-Belsen; Jan Durcansky, former Slovakian Minister whose extradition Argentina has refused.

Those listed living in Brazil are: Baron Bubbi von Alvensleben, Adjutant to Himmler, allegedly responsible for mass execution in Poland; Herbert Cukurs, Latvian collaborator with the Nazis; and R. Striglies, head of the Riga Police during the Nazi occupation.

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