The Joan Collins Fan Club

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The Joan Collins Fan Club

Would you try Joan Collins's skincare range? She's perhaps not the first celebrity you'd expect to launch a full beauty collection, but Collins has nonetheless done just that with Joan Collins Timeless Beauty for QVC, a range of make-up, skincare and fragrance. Never one to dismiss a product on sight, news editor Lauren Milligan dutifully headed home laden with a host of Collins's best to try.

Collins aged 22 - Collins aged 40 - Collins earlier this year, aged 81Collins aged 22 - Collins aged 40 - Collins earlier this year, aged 81Collins aged 22 - Collins aged 40 - Collins earlier this year, aged 81

Collins aged 22 - Collins aged 40 - Collins earlier this year, aged 81

I have a beauty confession. My name is Lauren, I'm 34, and I'm obsessed with Joan Collins's new skincare range.

Normally a product cynic, I have tried everything you can put on your face - from the several-hundred-pound potions and serums to the high-street heroes that beauty columnists regularly enthuse about - without so much as a hint of improvement. I reasoned that my skin was too "complex," too nuanced, for a one-size-fits all approach. I assumed that my beauty soulmate would remain elusive. Turns out, it's Joan.

"Excuse me," a pretty, probably twenty-something, girl said as we both queued for our morning coffee. "Can I just ask what foundation you use? Your skin looks great."

No foundation, I smugly beam, just bronzer, mascara and - apparently - the secret of eternal youth. PRs, friends, strangers, colleagues; no fewer than eight people have asked me in the past fortnight what has transformed my skin and I tell them, as they look at me bemused: it's Joan. Applied before bed, the Contra Time Sleep Active Night Cream (which includes nourishing avocado butter, fruit and seed oils and beauty powerhouse hyaluronic acid), lays on your skin like the kind of Fifties cold cream you might imagine Collins would have slathered on, pre her Dynasty days, when skincare was simple and people just drank water and ran around to achieve glowing skin and rosy cheeks.

Part of the allure is this intangible simplicity, part of it is the smell (sweeter than many of its competitors, but with a delicious vintage feel - like your grandmother's dressing table), but the most powerful draw is Joan herself.

Granted, she had a headstart on the rest of us - more beautiful in her forties than her co-stars in their twenties - but she really has taken ageing gracefully to a new extreme. Joan is 81. Let's just let that sink in for a second, shall we? Whatever she's been smearing on her face over the years is surely worth a try.

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