Shirley Temple (1928 - 2014)

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Shirley Temple (1928 - 2014)

The American actress started her career at only three, in 1932, and rapidly became an icon of 1930s American cinema. 

Shirley Temple (1928 - 2014)Shirley Temple (1928 - 2014)Shirley Temple (1928 - 2014)

With her gold locks and cheeky smile, the child incarnated the ideal Depression-era antidote, starring in feel-good films where she would practice exceptional dancing scenes. In 1935, she is the first child to receive a Youth Oscar, becoming the first major child-star with a worldwide celebrity. However, understanding her career was declining from her teen-hood, Shirley Temple decided to retire before embracing a television in the 1960s and political career from the 1970s. The actress's figure was at the centre of a gigantic merchandising commerce and today you can still sip a non-alcoholic cocktail named after her.

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