Obituary: Patrick D. Sullivan

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Obituary: Patrick D. Sullivan
Obituary: Patrick D. Sullivan

Patrick D. Sullivan, longtime Malibu resident, died on July 24 at the age of 84, surrounded by his family and friends. The 23rd of July, the day before his death, was Patrick and Annette Sullivan’s 61st wedding anniversary. 

“I’m convinced he planned just one more ‘Family and Friend Party’ before he passed,” his oldest son, Michael, said.

“He passed with the same grace and well being that he embraced in life,” a loved one said. “His passing was a lot like he lived his life — all day, scores of friends and family cycled into his room while his favorite music played at full volume. He loved life.”

His incredible journey began as a Navy man seeing combat in the Korean War, then as owner of a heating and air conditioning business, and then, in his later years, he established another successful business he managed from home. 

He and Annette fell in love with Malibu early in his life and he moved his family to Point Dume in the summer of 1967.

He rode horses all over Malibu and was active in Trancas Riders & Ropers. He was equally involved in the motorcycle dirt riding community. He was known as “The Godfather” for the yearly trips he organized to watch the Baja 1000. 

“Many great memories were forged during those trips,” a loved one said. His last was just months ago. 

He also branched out to gourmet cooking. He took over cooking and planning duties for all large Sullivan family functions, and there were many — very many. Recently, he got his minister credentials and performed the marriage ceremonies of two of his granddaughters.

“His Malibu home was the center of the universe for all family and friends,” a loved one said. “He loved his home and he was so proud to live in Malibu. He felt blessed and fortunate to live in such a beautiful community.”

He is survived by his four children: Michael, Patrick, Timothy, and Kathleen; 12 grandkids: Sean, Katie, Robert, Patrick, Dennis, Courtney, Corey, Casey, Ryan, Kellie, Melanie, and Kelly; and by his adored wife, Annette. 

“His many friends and family will dearly miss him,” a loved one said.

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