Death of Raymond Lévy, former CEO of Renault

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Death of Raymond Lévy, former CEO of Renault

Raymond Levy, former CEO of Renault from 1986 to 1992, died Wednesday at the age of 91 years, announced his family in an opinion published Thursday by the daily le Monde.

Death of Raymond Lévy, former CEO of Renault

In December 1986, Mr. Levy had taken over as head of Renault in tragic conditions. He succeeded to the CEO Georges Besse, who was assassinated a few weeks earlier by militants of the revolutionary group direct Action.

Stayed six years at the head of the manufacturer then controlled by the French State, Raymond Levy had refocused on the automobile by disposing of subsidiaries and restored the accounts, continuing a recovery initiated by his predecessor.

In 1988, the year of a record-high profit for the group, it had launched the Renault 19, which was successful in Europe, and in 1991, he had entered into a merger agreement with Volvo, which had ended by abortion.

But it is his successor, Louis Schweitzer, who had managed the outcome of this case from 1992, Mr. Lévy, who was forced to move the hand, having reached the age limit.

Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault group and successor to Mr Schweitzer, was praised on Thursday “the memory of Raymond Lévy, whose work, the requirement and commitment have contributed to the recovery of the Régie Renault at the end of the 80’s and prepared the company to his return in the private sector,” according to a message sent to AFP.

A graduate of Polytechnique, which was released to major in 1948, a Mining engineer and holds a master of science from MIT, Raymond Lévy began his career in 1952 in the Coal mines of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, and then in the service of the Mines of Toulouse.

He had worked for 23 years in the oil from 1957. Within the Elf company, Mr. Levy had restructured the tool of refining and distribution during the 1970s.

He had assumed the duties of director general (1972-1976) and then president (1976-1980) of Elf-Union, CEO of Elf-France (1975-1980), and vice-president-director general of the société nationale Elf-Aquitaine (1976-1980), of which he had become number two in the side of Albin Chalandon.

In the early 1980s, he had been named chairman of the Compagnie française des aciers spéciaux (1981-1984), and president and CEO of Usinor (now part of ArcelorMittal), and then the steel manufacturer belgian Cockerill Sambre (1985-86).

After his departure from Renault, Raymond Levy had served as the chairman of the supervisory board of Lagardère SCA and of the Consortium of realization (CDR), which manages the former assets of Crédit Lyonnais.

Commander of the legion of honor, Raymond Lévy, a former vice-president of the general Council of Mines (1987-1993) and president of the Amicale du corps des Mines (1993-2002), was also president of the Circle of Industry from 1993 to 2001.

His funeral will be held Friday, at 11 o’clock, at the parisian cemetery of Pantin, according to the death notice.

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