Alessandra Mussolini: «I will be dancing with the stars». Insults on the Net

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Alessandra Mussolini: «I will be dancing with the stars». Insults on the Net

Alessandra Mussolini has announced her participation in Ballando con le stelle, which will start in September. And immediately, on social media, hundreds of insults and comments came against her that referred to the death of her grandfather, Benito Mussolini.

The announcement of the former MP of An e Forza Italia – the second policy to participate in the Rai broadcast after Nunzia De Girolamo – arrived on Friday. I preferred a less complex situation, he said, referring to the no saying to Big Brother Vip. I am a regular and being locked in a house for three months would be hard for me. “Dancing”? It will be unpredictable, anything can happen.

Mussolini – who had already worked in the world of entertainment, acting in several films (the first at 14 years old, together with his aunt Sophia Loren) – will be accompanied, in the show conducted by Milly Carlucci, by guests such as Barbara Bouchet, Rosalinda Celentano, Ninetto Davoli, Lina Sastri and Tullio Solenghi.

After the announcement of the former parliamentarian, many users began to insult her – and, in some cases, Rai – for this decision.

A few days ago, Mussolini had reported that he had received an anonymous package containing insults and threats. The sheet with the fascist writing of m … and a puppet with its head down was inside a package received after a home purchase. Not the first time I get insults, but this time it goes further, he said.

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