Chiquinquirá Delgado Says It Is Not The Same To Be A Mom At 18, Than At 36

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The Venezuelan and her daughter María Elena Dávila, besides being a mother and daughter, share a physical beauty that has left many people on Instagram, especially when they pose in a bikini together

Chiquinquirá Delgado

Chiquinquirá Delgado

While preparing a new show of the current season of “Look Who Dances: All-Stars” (Univision) this Sunday, host Chiquinquirá Delgado remembers that it is not the same to be a mother at 18, the age at which she had her firstborn Maria Elena Dávila, who at 36, when she had her daughter Carlota; two completely different realities.

“When I got to my older daughter I was very young. I was in college, my mom helped me to care for her, it was like a Kids to another kid too, so basically I was surviving because I had to my very young daughter and my priorities at that time were different. They were working as much as  I  could and I was very involved in the subject of my career, in college, starting to do soap operas, and it was another kind of life. I believe that having a child at that age and having it now is completely different. ”

Both daughters are taken with humor their  18  to us apart.

“They always play a joke and say ‘yes, I was like your little sister and now you have a daughter, don’t you?’ But no, of course being a mother is something that is lived wonderfully at any age, but now with Carlota, I believe that she keeps me alive, keeps me active, it is she who gives all this to me now. ”

He continues: ” It is one Kid to very lively, very bright, full of life,  who do not you let it rest for a second. At times I say “ya, Carlota! Fall asleep for a while, please! ”

Chiquinquirá is clear priorities at the time to educate a daughter Carlota. “In a world that is so crazy, I believe that the main values to instill in Carlota, of course, are generosity and tolerance, and Carlota is very committed to the issue of making the planet a better place and is always giving me tips and tips. “

The driver also said: ” She has inspired me to, for example, stop using plastic completely at home. And I like that this new generation of children is so aware of this. ”

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