Lucinda Riley is dead: bestselling author died of cancer

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London The bestselling author Lucinda Riley is dead. According to her family, she succumbed to several years of cancer. Riley’s books top the bestseller lists in 25 countries. She became known through the series “The Seven Sisters”. 

Lucinda Riley is dead: bestselling author died of cancer

Lucinda Riley is dead: bestselling author died of cancer

Her family confirmed this on Friday at the request of the German Press Agency in London. A statement on the website of the British publisher Pan Macmillan said the Northern Ireland-born writer died Friday morning with her family after several years of cancer. According to media reports, Riley is said to have been in his mid-fifties. Her exact age was not known.

Lucinda touched the lives of everyone she met and who read her stories. She exuded love and kindness in everything she did and she will inspire us all forever, ”said the message on behalf of the family. The family wrote on Instagram that Lucinda Riley died with the family.

Riley, who had initially embarked on an acting career, turned after a serious viral illness at the age of 23. With huge success: According to the publisher, a total of 30 million copies of her books have been sold worldwide. She became particularly popular with her book series “The Seven Sisters”.

It made it to the top of the bestseller list in 25 countries. With her novel “The Disappeared Sister” (Goldmann), she recently topped the “Focus” and “Spiegel” bestseller lists in Germany.

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