Clara Mia Selected as Brand Ambassador for Dorcel

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PARIS—Dorcel has announced that performer Clara Mia has been chosen as its new brand ambassador.

Clara Mia Selected as Brand Ambassador for Dorcel

Over the past two years, Mia has appeared in numerous productions for the company. Before becoming the face of Dorcel, she starred in nearly 15 movies directed by Hervé Bodilis, Alis Locanta and Anna Polina, who was full of praise for the new face, hailing her professionalism but especially her charisma and her strong on-screen presence. 

Commented Mia, "It was a mutual crush. It is therefore an honor for me to embody this French brand that represents charm, elegance and quality.

One of Mia's biggest aspirations is to direct her first movie with Dorcel. "I think that a woman's view of sensuality is different from a man's," she said. "I would like to offer fantasies that are more designed for women and thus reach a more female audience."

"We are delighted that Clara is the new face of Dorcel," company chairman Gregory Dorcel said. "She is a talented actress, a strong and spontaneous woman who has a bright future ahead of her. We are honored to be able to work with her and support her ambitions, starting with the one to direct her own movie."

Mia recently starred in Hervé Bodilis' latest feature, Luxure: My Wife's Whims, available on all adult VOD platforms, including DorcelVision; Mia's directorial debut is scheduled to release next year.

For more information, follow Mia on Instagram and Twitter. Also follow Dorcel on Twitter and Instagram @dorcel. 

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