Lily Lou Named LoyalFans 'Featured Creator' of the Month

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CYBERSPACE— has announced that Lily Lou has been named its “Featured Creator” for December 2022.

Lily Lou Named LoyalFans 'Featured Creator' of the Month

LoyalFans’ Creator Spotlight page highlights unique creators working, sharing and thriving within LoyalFans. Fans visiting the Creator Spotlight page are introduced to a scope of interesting creators—those who are new to the site, popular creators, and interesting people utilizing LoyalFans’ broad scope of features and offerings.

“Omg I’m so excited!” Lou enthused. “This will be the best month ever!”

Lou will be doing a live one-on-one interview during LoyalFans' weekly Level Up Wednesday session on Dec. 21 at 4:00 p.m. ET. The event is open to current, active LoyalFans creators only. Creators may go to to sign up.

During the interview event, Lou will be discussing her own work, as well as offering creators her insights and expertise. As a preview, Lou emphasized the importance of sticking with it.

“If I could only give one tip for creators, it would be to stay consistent!” she shared. “It can be disheartening to put in a lot of work and not see any immediate benefit, but I promise it will be worth it!” 

“I believe LoyalFans is an essential tool that every creator can benefit from,” Lou added. “I’m impressed by just how many features it has and how they’re equally as useful for both fans and creators.” 

Lou also shared some thoughts about LoyalFans as a platform and business tool.

“I love so many features of the site, but having a clip store attached though is my absolute favorite feature,” she said. “I love that I’m able to direct fans to the videos they ask about without having to point them to an outside site where they’d have to make a new account and possibly even get denied by their credit card. It can be frustrating for both of us!” 

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