12,000 Jews in Warsaw Ghetto Still in Battle with Nazis, Traveler Reports

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Somewhere in Europe, Aug. 24 (JTA) – A traveler who arrived here today from Warsaw reported that the battle in the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw is continuing. He estimated that 12,000 Jews are still holding out. With the ruins about them, they have succeeded, nevertheless, in fortifying themselves in underground shelters.

Ghetto in Warsaw

Ghetto in Warsaw

The Germans the traveler reported, shell the ghetto continuously, but they do not dare to penetrate into the interior. Any advance of the Germans in the ghetto is met with machine-gun fire by the embattled Jews.

The Jews in the ghetto continue to receive munitions and supplies through an underground system which connects the ghetto with the outside world, the traveler said. In sectors where they can no longer hold their positions, they flee through these underground passages and continue to fight in forests in the neighborhood.

"The morale of the fighting Jews is splendid," the Warsaw man stated. "They have sworn never to lay down their arms. They refused to speak to a special emissary sent by the Germans to negotiate cessation of resistance. The Nazis are surprised by the quantity of war material which the Jews have amassed in the ghetto. The only hope of the Germans is that the supplies of munitions will soon end in the ghetto and the resisting Jews will then be compelled to surrender."

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