23 Gestapo Officers Go on Trial Charged with Murdering 1,000,000 Jews and Athers

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Nuremberg, Sep. 29  – Twenty-three former Gestapo officers, described by the prosecution as the "greatest murderers" in history, today went on trial before an American military court here on charges of having killed more than 1,000,000 persons, including many Jews.

Otto Ohlendorf

Otto Ohlendorf

The 23 were members of a special Nazi task force entrusted with he mission of exterminating Jews, Gypsies and other non-Aryan racial groups. U.S. prosecutor Benjamin B. Ferencz, of New York, charged that the, troops assigned to this unit killed an average of 50 persons an hour for a two-year period. The accused include Maj. Gen. Otto Ohlendorf, Brig. Gen. Otto Rasch and Lt. Col. Eduard Strauch. The trial is expected to last only three days.

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