Alan Hale

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Alan Hale

Actor - Born Feb. 10, 1892 in Washington, DC - Died Jan. 22, 1952 of liver infection in Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital, CA

Alan HaleAlan Hale

Alan Hale's first appearances before the movie camera were made under the late D.W. Griffith in one-reel, 10 minute-long Biograph pictures.

He later joined the old Lubin company in Philadelphia. His first important role was in "The Cowboy and the Lady" for Paramount in 1922.

The towering 222-pound actor played the part of the villain in the "The Covered Wagon" and went from that role to the part of Little John in the old Douglas Fairbanks Sr. version of "Robin Hood." He played the same part again when the picture was remade in 1938 with Errol Flynn.

There was a period when his acting parts were few and far between, and Hale turned to directing. His star began to rise again, however, after a small part in "It Happened One Night."

Other pictures in which he appeared include "Of Human Bondage," "The Adventures of Mark Twain," "Destination Tokyo," "God is My Co-Pilot," "Cheyenne," and "My Wild Irish Rose."

Hale was also an inventor, holding patents on a sliding theater seat and a "greaseless potato chip."

— Los Angeles Times Jan. 23, 1950

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