American Consulate in Germany Refuses Visa to Dr. Schacht

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Dusseldorf, Jul. 27 (JTA) – United States consular officials have refused to grant visas to enter the United States to Hjalmar Schacht, onetime financial advisor to Hitler, and to Dr. Ernst Achenbach, chairman of the Free Democratic Party in the Ruhr, it was learned here today from usually reliable sources.

American Consulate in Germany Refuses Visa to Dr. Schacht

State Department officials in Germany refuse to comment on the matter because of a recent directive prohibiting the release of information on visa matters. It is understood, however, that the unfavorable Nazi record of both men was responsible for the rejection of their applications for visas.

Dr. Schacht, internationally known financial wizard, is currently head of two private banks and is a highly respected figure in German economic circles. Dr. Achenbach, a prominent lawyer and close advisor to several Ruhr industrialists, is a power in the Free Democratic Party, one of the mainstays of the Adenauer coalition government. Last month he was re-elected to the North Rhine-Westphalian provincial legislature.

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