Berlin Must Prove Goering Was War Criminal to Seize He Estate There

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Berlin, Feb. 26 (JTA) – The West Berlin denazification board will have to prove that Field Marshal Hermann Goering, Adolf Hitler's second in command and commander of the German Luftwaffe in World War II was a major war criminal and not a victim of the Nazis if it is to Seize property he left in this city valued at about 1,000,000 marks ($250,000).

Berlin Must Prove Goering Was War Criminal to Seize He Estate There

Goering escaped execution as a major war criminal by committing suicide after his conviction by the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal. Despite that conviction, under existing law, his guilt will have to be proven here. Under the second denazification law, property of convicted war criminals in the City of Berlin is subject to confiscation although that is not the case in other parts of West Germany.

Goering's widow, Frau Emmy Goering, who lives with her daughter Edda in Bavaria, has managed to secure the return of jewelry and other property which had been confiscated. She is expected soon to recover Goering's luxurious yacht, now anchored near Krefeld. The Goering property in Berlin, which is subject to confiscation, is said to include camouflaged bank accounts, paintings and sculptures.

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