Commander of Nazi Unit Which Burned Jews

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Washington, Dec. 22 (JTA) – Commander of Nazi Unit Which Burned Jews Recommended for Parole. A parole is being considered for Nazi SS Col. Joachim Peiper, commander of the Blowtorch Battalion" which burned Jews to death. It was learned today.

Commander of Nazi Unit Which Burned Jews

Col. Peiper may get clemency from the same International Tribunal that caused the American Legion and other U.S. veterans' groups to protest when SS General Sepp Dietrich was freed this autumn, Gen. Dietrich ordered the killing of American prisoners of war at Malmedy. Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge. The decision to free him was confirmed when Edwin Plitt, American member of the international board, a State Department appointee, voted to free the murderer.

Col. Peiper's record was adjudged so bad that he was originally sentenced to death by a U.S. court. After a series of clemencies highlighted by the intervention on his behalf by Sen., Joseph R. McCarthy, Wisconsin Republican, Col. Peiper was recently recommended for a "Christmas parole" this month.

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