Complained to Schacht, 5 Jews Held in “protective Custody”

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Berlin, Dec. 19 (JTA) – Two Jewish owners of a department store in Iserlohn, Westphalia, with their wives and the store manager were arrested and held in "protective custody" for thirty six hours until they withdrew a complaint they had sent to Economics Minister Hjalmar Schacht against the closing of the store's provisions department by the local authorities. Berlin newspapers reported today.

Complained to Schacht, 5 Jews Held in “protective Custody”

The complaint, sent through the local central Jewish organization, resulted in the dispatching of a Government investigator to Iserlohn. The arrival of the investigator was made the occasion for an anti-Jewish demonstration in front of the store.

The five Jews were arrested and held until they agreed to withdraw the complaint and to state they had voluntarily closed the provisions department "in the interests of the local retail dealers."

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