Conference of Jewish Scientists Appeals to World to Protest Nazi Pogroms

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New York, Jan. 8 (JTA) – An appeal to "all people of learning, individuals and organizations" to raise their voices in protest against the Nazi massacres of Jews, was issued here today by the 17th annual conference of the Yiddish Scientific Institute at its opening session at Hunter College auditorium, attended by several hundred delegates and guests.

Haldvan Koht

Haldvan Koht

The conference, which will last three days, will hear a number of addresses on national minority problems and on problems concerning Jewish culture, emigration, history and economics. Prof. Haldvan Koht, Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, will be the principal speaker on "National Minorities After the War."

Emphasizing that "the Nazi persecutions of the Jews surpass in their inhumanity all the pogroms and sufferings of the Jewish people throughout their history," the appeal expresses "firm faith that the United Nations will rescue from the bloody hands of the Nazis all the stricken countries and peoples."

"We ask all people of learning, individuals and organizations, not to remain coldly indifferent to this horrible and deliberate annihilation of a whole people, but to awaken the conscience of the world to organize protest against the inhuman bestialities of the Nazis, to find the means to let each and every German know what the Germans are doing and warn the German people that for generations these mass-murders will hang over them unless the hands of the murderers are stayed," the appeal reads, We ask the governments now waging war against the Axis as soon and as effectively as possible to apply hitherto unused methods to stop the hangman."

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