Erhard Envoy May Have to Make Fourth Visit to Israel

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JournalJewish Telegraphic Agency published 12/04/1965

Bonn, Apr. 11 (JTA) – Erhard Envoy May Have to Make Fourth Visit to Israel, Bonn Says. The possibility that Dr. Kurt Birrenbach, Chancellor Ludwig Erhard's personal emissary, may have to make a fourth visit to Israel to complete arrangements for diplomatic ties between the two countries, was raised here today by a German Government spokesman. Dr. Birrenbach is now in Israel for the third round of talks.

Birrenbach KurtThe possibility was posed by the spokesman after he denied reports that the talks had become "difficult." He replied to a reporter's question that he could not say anything about the current negotiations, but that he did not agree there were any indications of difficulties. He stressed that Dr. Birrenbach did not have authority to conclude any secret agreement in Israel, which was understood to mean that Dr. Birrenbach will have to bring back to Bonn and the Parliament whatever agreement is reached.

Discussing rumors that Rudolf Werner, a member of the Bundestag, the Parliamentary Lower House, from Chancellor Erhard's Christian Democratic Party, had promised financial aid to Egypt if it did not recognize East Germany, the spokesman said Mr. Werner was not traveling on a Government mission. He said that the activities of Mr. Werner, who has visited several Arab capitals, were known to the Government. The spokesman did reaffirm the Erhard Government's March 7 decision to provide no more economic development aid to Egypt.

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