Ethel Barrymore

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Los Angeles Timespublished 19/06/1959 at 17:44 PM by Jack Smith

Actress - Born Ethel Mae Blythe on Aug. 15, 1879 in Philadelphia, PA - Died June 18, 1959 of heart ailment in Beverly Hills, CA

Ethel BarrymoreEthel Barrymore was the queen of the American theater's most illustrious family and a dominant figure of the stage and screen for nearly 60 years.

As a young actress, Barrymore was stately and regal and went from hit to hit, enchanting audiences with her eloquently husky voice and her elegant stage presence. It was said that as many as 15 suitors had sought the hand of the statuesque star.

She had first appeared on the motion picture screen in 1914 in "The Nightingale." Although several other films followed she was dissatisfied with the medium and returned to Broadway.

By 1928, she had reached such heights that they built the "Ethel Barrymore Theater" in her honor on West 47th St. and she opened there in "The Kingdom of God."

Barrymore returned to Hollywood in 1933 to make "Rasputin and the Empress," the only film in which she appeared with her brothers Lionel and John. It was 11 years before she came back to Hollywood for "None But the Lonely Heart," for which she won a an Oscar for best supporting actress.

— Jack Smith in the Los Angeles Times June 19, 1959

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