Family of Gestapo Leader Eichmann

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Family of Gestapo Leader Eichmann

Prague, Jun. 21 (JTA) – Family of Gestapo Leader Eichmann Applies for Citizenship in Czechoslovakia.

Family of Gestapo Leader Eichmann

The Jewish Community Council of Prague today urged the Ministry of the Interior to refuse Czechoslovak citizenship to the wife and three children of Adolph Eichmann, Hitler's "expert" on Jewish affairs who supervised the deportation of Jews from various countries in Europe to death camps in Poland.

The Eichmann woman and her children were discovered in Bohemia following a report last week that Eichmann himself was recently seen in Czechoslovakia, visiting his brother-in-law who is a former captain in the Czechoslovak Army.

It was learned that Mrs. Eichmann had applied for Czech citizenship. The discovery of Eichmann's family strengthened the belief that Eichmann himself is hiding somewhere in Czechoslovakia.

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