Flora Finch

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Actress | Comedian - Born Flora Brooks on June 17, 1867 in London, United Kingdom - Died Jan. 4, 1940 of blood poisoning in Good Samaritan Hospital, CA

Flora Finch

Flora Finch

Flora Finch was one of the screen's outstanding comediennes during the silent era of motion pictures.

She played vaudeville and then starred in jerky, silent motion pictures with such famous old companies as Vitagraph, Biograph, Pathe-Thanhauser, Flora Finch Films, Capellani, Blackton and C. C. Burr.

Most remembered of her films were the comedies she made opposite John Bunny, who died in 1915. The historic "A Night Out," a brief comedy, marked her initial appearance in the flickers. More fame came to her when she played in "Those Awful Hats."

Miss Finch was one never to give up as far as her career was concerned. She continued on in talking pictures, having parts in such productions as "The Cat and the Canary," "Captain Salvation," "Quality Street," "Rose of the Golden West," "The Faker," "The Scarlet Letter" and many more.

In a recent interview, Miss Finch attributed whatever success she had professionally to "being myself." She said she realized she was not a pretty child, and that is why she elected to go into the comedy field.

— Los Angeles Times Jan. 5, 1940

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