Former Sen. George McGovern released from SD hospital

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JournalThe Washington Post published 07/12/2011

Former Sen. George McGovern released from SD hospital, continuing recovery from fall

McGovern GeorgeSioux-Falls, S.D. — Former Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern has been released from a South Dakota hospital, where he was being treated after hitting his head in a fall.

Dr. Michael Elliott, chief medical officer at Avera McKennan Hospital and University Health Center, says doctors are pleased with McGovern’s progress.

The 89-year-old former senator was taken by helicopter to the Sioux Falls hospital Friday after falling outside Dakota Wesleyan University’s McGovern Library in Mitchell. A school official says McGovern hit his head on the pavement hours before a scheduled interview on C-SPAN.

Elliott says it’s important for McGovern to rest quietly until he has completely healed.

McGovern lost the 1972 presidential race to Richard Nixon. He also spent three terms in the Senate and was a lifelong advocate for food programs.

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