German Doctor Arrested

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German Doctor Arrested Charged with Murdering Inmates in Nazi Camps

German Doctor Arrested

Munster, West Germany, Dec. 23 (JTA) – Dr. Otto Adam of Hammelburg has been arrested and charged with murdering inmates in the Buchenwald and Sachsenhausen concentration camps, it was announced here today. Dr. Adam was believed to have carried out yellow fever experiments on the prisoners.

The case of Dr. Werner Heyde, the "euthanasia doctor," meanwhile was referred to Hesse state authorities by the Federal Prosecutor General's office. Dr. Heyde, who lived in Schleswig-Holstein and who served as chief medical advisor to the courts under the alias of Dr. Fritz Sawade, has been charged with murdering patients and concentration camp prisoners.

Authorities said he would be tried in a Hesse court because several "euthanasia stations" were located in Hesse during the first part of the war where "incurable patients," delinquent children and others consider "unfit to live in the National Socialist state" were murdered.

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