German government to release secret files about top Nazi Adolf Eichmann

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Daily News  published 03/05/2010 at 08:25 AM by The Associated Press

Berlin — A federal court has ordered the government to release secret files kept by the German intelligence service on top Nazi Adolf Eichmann after World War II.

Eichmann AdolfThe ruling announced Friday came after reporter Gabriele Weber sued to have the BND release the 4,500 pages of files. She says they could fill in gaps about Eichmann's postwar life and how he escaped to Argentina.

The BND had argued releasing the files could jeopardize the work of an informant and harm relations with a "foreign intelligence service" that provided some of the information.

But the Federal Administrative Court ruled that while the BND could withhold some files for those reasons it could not keep them all secret.

It was not immediately clear when the files would be turned over.

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