German Lawyer Declines Eichman Defense

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Frankfurt, Jun. 29 (JTA) – German Lawyer Declines Eichman Defense; SS General Seeks Counsel in Vienna. Dr. Erich Schmidt-Leichner, prominent German criminal lawyer, denied today reports that he would undertake the defense of Adolf Eichmann before an Israel court in Jerusalem.

German Lawyer Declines Eichman Defense

Dr, Schmidt-Leichner was attorney for the defense in the Nuremberg war crimes trials, and is currently representing Herman Krumey, who was an aide of Eichmann's, as well as Bruno Beger, a Nazi "race expert. "Both are awaiting trial in West German courts. Earlier reports were that the attorney had been in touch with Eichmann's family and had been asked to undertake his defense. (From Vienna, it was reported that Otto Skorzeny, former SS general who is believed to be one of the chief organizers of a neo-Nazi international organization, arrived there to seek contacts with Austrian attorneys interested in acting as defense counsel for Eichmann.)

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