Germany Releases, Expels Alleged Israeli Agents

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Jewish Telegraphic Agency published 04/12/1967 at 19:17

Munich, Dec. 3 (JTA) – Germany Releases Expels Alleged Israeli Agents ; Fly Home Immediately. Baruch Shur and Daniel Gordon, two Israelis imprisoned here for four weeks and serving a three-month jail sentence for alleged "housebreaking," have been released and expelled from the country. They left immediately by air for Israel.

Mueller HeinrichThe men had been accused of attempting to break into the home of Mrs. Heinrich Mueller, wife of a missing and widely-hunted Nazi who was one of the chieftains of Hitler's Gestapo and, as such, the immediate superior of Adolf Eichmann.

The local Bavarian court had refused to free them on bail while they were awaiting trial. The Bavarian district prosecutor had accused them of being "Israeli agents" on the trail of the missing Mueller.

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