Goebbels is Scored by Liverpool Paper

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Liverpool, England (JTA) – Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Cabinet member and aide of Adolf Hitler, is taken to task editorially by the Liverpool Post in commenting on the anniversary of the "purge" of a year ago. The editorial says:

Dr. Joseph Goebbels

Dr. Joseph Goebbels

"Neither Dr. Goebbels nor the other Nazi orators who during the week-end were supposed to be commemorating the "purge" of last year seem to have ventured upon a review of the Hitler regime. What they did, especially Dr. Goebbels, was to indulge in embittered attacks upon certain sections of the German people, and from this it may be surmised that all is not as well under Herr Hitler as the Nazis would like it to be. Dr. Goebbels was contemptuous of the bureaucrats of the old regime, and it appears from this and other speeches that the Nazis do not like the officers of the Reichswehr.

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