Goebbels Organ Opens Drive to Deprive Reich Jews of Food Cards

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Paris, Oct. 18 (JTA) – A campaign to deprive the Jews of the Reich of food cards, condemning them to literal starvation, has been opened by Der Angriff, organ of the Reichsminister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, "because Germany is undergoing a blockade and because the coreligionists of the German Jews are conducting war propaganda abroad against Germany."

Goebbels Organ Opens Drive to Deprive Reich Jews of Food Cards

Der Angriff complained in an article that "the Jews in Germany are least affected by the war" and that "their behavior is growing more and more provocative and impertinent." "It would be practical for somebody to advise the Jews in America to urge their racial brothers in the Reich to be more modest and less seen," the article concluded.

The drive coincided with French press reports from Belgium quoting people arriving from Germany as relating that the Nazi authorities in Cologne had assigned only one food store for the city entire Jewish population, located five kilomters from Cologne. All Jews, including women and children, are forced to walk there twice daily for their food since Jews are not permitted to use street cars, it was said.

A Jewish leader from Belgium who arrived in Paris today told this correspondent that many Jews were still trying to leave the Reich and some had succeeded in reaching Belgium. These refugees report in Belgium that the greatest fear of German Jewry is that with the food situation in the Reich becoming worse every day, Jews may be deprived of even the limited food supplies they still get.

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