Hedda Hopper

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Actress | Dancer | Journalist | Singer - Born Elda Furry on May 2, 1885 in Hollidaysburg, PA - Died Feb. 1, 1966 of pneumonia in Hollywood, CA

Hedda Hopper

It is customary, in a nostalgic sort of way, to proclaim the "passing of an era" when a person closely identified with a certain epoch dies.

Thus, when actress-turned-gossip columnist Hedda Hopper died, the end of the great age of movie chroniclers was cited. Her death represented a much greater loss to the film industry than the permanent absence of a popular column she wrote for the Los Angeles Times.

In her writing career, which spanned nearly 30 years, Hopper became what one close friend called a "Den Mother" to the glamour folk of Hollywood.

Before she took a pen to cover Hollywood, Hopper lived on screen.

As an actress, she began in vamp parts and turned to supporting roles, appearing in dozens of films, becoming known as "Queen of the Quickies."

In 1936 she started a gossip radio show, "The Hedda Hopper Show," and two years later began her nearly 30-year tenure as a newspaper gossip columnist.

In her last films, she mostly played herself, a tribute to her influence in Hollywood. Her son William became famous as investigator Paul Drake in the "Perry Mason" series.

— Los Angeles Times Feb. 3, 1966

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