Highest Dutch Court Condemns Nazis for Deportation and Death of 70.000 Jews

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Jewish Telegraphic Agency published 13/07/1950 at 22:48

The Hague, Jul. 12 (JTA) – The Special Appeals Court here today confirmed death sontonces imposed on three Germans found guilty of deporting thousands of Dutch Jews during the war. The three were:

Lages WillyFranz Fischer, official of the German security police at The Hague, who assisted in the deportation of more than 13,000 Jews from The Hague area; F.II Aus Dor Fuenton organized anti-Jewish campaigns in the Dutch capital during the occupation, as chief of a section of the German security servico; the former Gestapo chief in Amsterdam, Willy Franz Paul Lages, sentenced on charges of arresting 70,000 Dutch Jews for deportation to Poland, and deporting Dutchmen to Germany for slave laber.

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