Hitler Defends Anti-jewish Policy; Schacht Organ Urges Billion Dollar Emigration Loan

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Berlin, Dec. 2 (JTA) – Chancellor Adolf Hitler tonight defended his anti-Semitic program and served warning to Catholics and protestants that he refused to permit "quarreling priests and bishops" to stand in the way of german unity in a speech at Reichenberg Sudetenland. returning to the Sudetenland which he cut off from Czechoslovakia last september the Fuehrer of Greater Germany delivered a characteristically impassioned address before a tumultuous crowd of Nazis who periodically interrupted him with shouts of "We thank our Fuehrer." The occasion was the election campaign now being carried out to elect Reichstag deputies from the newly-acquired territories.

Hitler Defends Anti-jewish Policy; Schacht Organ Urges Billion Dollar Emigration Loan

Hitler made it clear that there would be no relaxing of the anti-Semitic campaign. Purging Germany of its Jewish intellectuals had been the first great step toward national unity, he asserted. Hitler said it was the Jews who had played in the old Germany the part of the intellectuals.

A loan of $1,000,000 for ten years would make it possible for all German Jews to be settled in the United States, Der Deutsche Volkswirt said today. The economic review reflects the views of Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, governor of the reichsbank. The review said that the German Jews were on a higher level of civilization than those in Poland, Russia, and Rumania, and that different solutions would have to be found for the latter.

The Volkswirt estimated that there are 650,000 Jews in Germany, including Austria and the Sudetenland, who are able to emigrate. Jews over 55, it said, comprising about one-quarter of the total, would remain in the Reich until they died. Expressing astonishment over the restrictions on Jewish immigration established in North and South America, the review said that the United States and Britain could together insure the emigration of 100,000 Jews a year, and either one of them could take care of the whole 650,000.

It estimated that there are 90,000 Jews ready to fulfill all legal requirements for emigration if place for them were found. "If Jews wanting to go to the United States were loaned $1,000,000,000 for ten years, all Jewish aid societies and all Jewish benevolent groups would become superfluous," the article said.

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