Hitler Received by Hindenburg

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Berlin, Oct. 10 (JTA) – Field Marshal von Hindenburg, the President of the German Republic, received to-day for the first time, Adolf Hitler, the head of the Nazi movement.

Hitler Received by Hindenburg

Several months ago, it was reported that there was to be a meeting between the two, but it was promptly denied officially. Now it is stated that the meeting has come about as the result of the same request for an interview made by Hitler months ago to the President, which had remained unanswered till now.

In some quarters it is suggested that the interview turned on the possibility of Hitler's co-operation in the Government, while in others it is stated that President Hindenburg as his Field-Marshal ordered Hitler not to create any embarrassments for the Government.

No official statement concerning the interview has been issued, so that all is conjecture. Hitler is expected to make a statement on his interview with the President at the demonstration of Hugenberg Nationalists, Hitlerists and Steelhelmers, which is to be held to-morrow at Harzburg.

A crowd of thousands of Hitlerists, shouting "Hail Hitler", was outside the Presidential A big cordon of police kept order, and no trouble occurred.

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