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Hitler’s Children is a documentary that features the descendants of notorious Nazi figures. It shows how they struggle to live with their ancestry. It is made by Israeli filmmaker Chanoch Ze’evi. Some of the subjects are the great niece of Herman Goering and daughter of concentration camp commandant Amon Goeth.

Hitler’s Children Movie ReviewThe documentary will surely move the viewers. Katrin Himmler, great niece of Heinrich Himmler, describes how she learned several languages in order to hide her German roots. Himmler was the principal architect of the death camps. Katrin married an Israeli Jew, who is the son of Holocaust survivors. She wrote a book that alienated her from her family members.

Niklas Frank is the son of the governor general of occupied Poland Hans Frank. He has devoted his life to criticizing his father through educational lectures to German schoolchildren about the crimes of Hans Frank and via a book he has written.

Bettina Goering, the great niece of Herman Goering, confesses to have suffered greatly. She lives a reclusive life outside the grid in New Mexico. She says that she and her brother underwent sterilization to end their bloodline.

Monika Goeth is the daughter of Amon Goeth, who is portrayed by Ralph Fiennes in Schindler’s List. She says that she was unaware of her father’s actions at the camp until she made a casual remark about him to one of the survivors she met. She describes suffering from a panic attack while watching Spielberg’s movie.

One of the most pathetic figures in Hitler’s Children is Rainer Hoess, the grandson of Rudolf Hoess. The grandfather is known as the commandant at Auschwitz. Rainer grew up outside the camp and play with a toy car made by one of the prisoners. He visited Auschwitz with Israeli journalist Eldad Beck. He is also seen talking to a group of Jewish schoolchildren and he bursts in tears when he was embraced by an elderly survivor of the Holocaust and assured him that he didn’t do it.Hitler’s Children Movie Review.

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