Hjalmar Schacht Sues Jewish Official of Bavaria for Calling Him a War Criminal

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puJewish Telegraphic Agencyblished 22/03/1950 at 15:16

Munich, Mar. 21 (JTA) – Hjalmar Schacht, financial expert of the Nazi regime who was cleared of war crimes charges by the Allied war crimes tribunal at Nuremberg, but was later convicted by a German court of being a high Nazi, has instituted a libel suit against Dr. Philip Auerbach, Bavarian Commissioner for Persecutees, who publicly called Schacht a war criminal. Dr. Auerbach's charge was made in a letter to a German newspaper.

Hjalmar SchachtGerhard Daum-Duckwitz, former police chief of Koblenz, has been sentenced to two years and ten months imprisonment for mistreatment of Jewish and Polish prisoners in a concentration camp during the war.

A Cologne court has sentenced a German woman, Gertrude Risch, to three months in jail for publicly insulting Jews. Frau Risch remarked in a restaurant that she was "sorry that all the Jews had not been gassed."

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