Jerusalem Honors Governor Storrs

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Jerusalem, Dec. 31 (JTA) – The fifth anniversary of the appointment of Colonel Ronald Storrs as Governor of Jerusalem was celebrated at a dinner last Saturday, the guests including Sir Herbert Samuel, the High Commissioner, the Grant Mufti, head of the Moslem community, and a number of representative Zionists.

Jerusalem Honors Governor Storrs

Col. Storrs was named Military Governor of Jerusalem by General Allenby upon the latter's occupation of the Holy City in December, 1917. When the Civil Administration was ushered in on the arrival of Sir Herbert Samuel, Col. Storrs become Governor of the Jerusalem district.

Following the Jerusalem riots in 1920 and the Jaffa riots in 1921, the Jews insisted upon Storr's removal, accusing him of passivity in dealing with the outbreaks. The presence of Zionist leaders at the celebration appears to testify to the better relations existing between the Government and the Jewish community.

Emir Abdullah, ruler of Transjordania has arrived in Jerusalem to discuss financial questions with the Palestine High Commissioner. The Emir was met at the station by Sir Herbert Samuel and escorted to the Government House, where he is stopping.

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