Jesse Lasky

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Jesse Lasky

Producer - Born Sept. 13, 1880 in San Francisco, CA - Died Jan. 13, 1958 of heart attack in Beverly Hilton, CA

North side of the 6400 block of Hollywood BoulevardNorth side of the 6400 block of Hollywood Boulevard

North side of the 6400 block of Hollywood Boulevard

Jesse. L. Lasky was one of the movie pioneers who built Hollywood's sprawling film industry.

Lasky had arrived in what was to become the world's film capital by a circuitous route that took him to Alaskan gold country, on a tour of the country as a cornetist and even as the manager of a magician.

With Samuel Goldwyn, then his brother-in-law, and Cecil B. DeMille, whom he had met when DeMille was a young playwright, he formed a production company, the Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Co. The trio threw open the doors for a booming era in Hollywood by producing the first full-length feature film, "The Squaw Man" in 1913.

From there, the producers created "Rose of the Rancho," "Girl of the Golden West" and "Jeanne D'Arc," all pioneering early films.

In 1916 the Lasky organization merged with Famous Players Film Co. to become Famous Players-Lasky, the parent of Paramount Pictures.

—Los Angeles Times Jan. 14, 1958

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