Jewish Girls Describe How Women Died at Oswiecim

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Lueneberg, Sep. 25 (JTA) – Jewish Girls Describe How Women Died at Oswiecim from Nazi Medical Experiments. Experiments in artificial insemination which resulted in the painful death of hundreds of women in Oswiecim were described here today by Helena Hamermerz, 25-year-old Jewish girl from Poland, at the trial of Josef Kramer and forty-four other camp guards.

Fritz Klein

Fritz Klein

Miss Hamermerz also told how SS men murdered women prisoners by injections of gasoline and disinfectants. She charged that Kramer, Dr. Fritz Klein and Fritz Hessler selected persons to be executed in the gas chambers and said that prisoners were beaten mercilessly for alleged infractions or just for sport.

Dora Szafran, another Jewish girl from Poland who was at both Oswiecim and Belsen, testified that Irma Grese, the chief woman guard, shot two girls who tried to escape from a gas chamber by jumping through a window. She also told how the Grese and Kramer women flogged inmates who had incurred her displeasure, and accused one defendant, Juana Borman of setting a dog on a prisoner.

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