Jewish-polish Protectorate’ Planned, Nazi Official Reveals

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Paris, Dec. 21 (JTA) – Further details have reached Paris on Chancellor Hitler's new plan to convert Nazi Poland into a "Jewish-Polish protectorate." The details are contained in an article by Stefan Werner, Nazi Ministerial Councillor, which was published on Monday in the Neue Leipziger Nachricten.

Jewish-polish Protectorate’ Planned, Nazi Official Reveals

"The Reich does not want an alien people in its midst," Werner writes, "therefore it has decided that the territory in Poland adjacent to the Vistula River should be proclaimed a Jewish-Polish State under a Berlin protectorate."

Outlining this scheme, the Nazi official explains that certain parts of Nazi Poland will remain an integral, part of the Reich, but the remainder of the territory which is situated between Cracow and Warsaw will be divided so that 80,000 square kilometers will be set aside as a "reservation" for approximately 20,000,000 Poles and more than 20,000 square kilometers in the Lublin district as a "reservation" in which all the Jews of Poland, Austria and Czechia will be concentrated. Both "reservations," comprising four districts, will constitute the "Jewish-Polish protectorate."

Two points in this plan as outlined by Werner are drawing special attention in Paris. The first is, that no mention is made as to whether the Reich Jews are intended for transfer to the Lublin "reservation." The second is, that when speaking of the proposed "protectorate," the Nazi official takes pains to refer to it as "Jewish-Polish," thus not only placing the Poles in the same category as the Jews but emphasizing the Jews as the first partner in the "protectorate."

The French press devotes special attention to the Lublin scheme, estimating that if it is carried out about 4,000,000 Jews will be squeezed into the 20,000 square kilometers of the district. "The painful problem is," the papers comment, "how these unfortunates will live. But happily the victory of the Allies will come before the Reich will be able to mass the 4,000,000 Jewish victims into Lublin."

Meanwhile, the Nazi newspaper Warschauer Zeitung, copies of which reached here today, reports that all the best stores in Cracow have been taken away from Jews and Poles and have been assigned to Germans.

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